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Naturopathic Doctor, in Syracuse, NY

Northeast Healing Arts is deeply committed to the quality of your life. We believe that at the heart of us all lies an innate capacity for healing and wholeness, which, when tended to, allows for significant change:
  • Increased energy, vitality & zest

  • An abiding sense of fullness & meaning  

  • Feelings of equanimity & improved mood 

  • A well-spring of creativity 

  • More fulfilling & satisfying relationships 





  • An ability to be present and to live with openness 

  • Psychological & physical resilience 

  • Freedom from chronic illness and pain

  • Self-acceptance & freedom of being 




At Northeast Healing Arts we offer professional partnership, guidance, and assistance in tending the creative project that is your life. Please feel free to browse our website, call, or        e-mail to find out more!
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